Why Benefit Design Services? : :

Benefit Design Services, LLC is an independent agency. We look for the right solution to your insurance needs, and we are not "tied down" to any one carrier. We do not do business with a carrier that requires a certain level of production to maintain our contracts. We feel that relationships are to be carefully guarded, and we want to keep our clients satisfied that we are looking out for their best interests.

We specialize in Group Employee Benefits. Some Agencies "dabble" in benefits, but back in 1989, when we started, we saw that there was a great need for employers to have someone that can help them wade through the terms, rules, laws, and directives that were being placed upon them, and those issues are even more real today. PPACA, COBRA, TEFRA, HIPAA, Section 125, Qualifying Events, and many others are still terms that employers are concerned about, and we are there to help.

We are accessible "nationwide" via our toll-free "800" number, email, and/or fax. We do a lot of service work. It is not just sales for BDS. We understand that with the times as they are, most employers do not have the time nor the staff available to help employees with questions and claim problems. All insurance companies have toll free numbers to their customer service departments, but.... sometimes, someone in another area may not understand the concern like a local person would, and usually, it is simply an explanation, or a call to the company and a return call to the employee, and the answer is understood.